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Product Catalog – TFF

June 26 2009


Outside of TFF Product Catalog


Inside of the TFF Product Catalog

In 2002, I was given the project of creating a catalog for the Foundation’s entire line of educational products. The catalog was to be a promotional and marketing piece for distribution to sponsors and teachers to make them aware of the offerings of the foundation.

The catalog incorporated product photography and images taken during the Foundations’s Teachers’ Tours in a 4-color, 4-page saddle stitched piece that was to be collated with a separate order form. The piece was laid out in Adobe InDesign with photo manipulations done in Photoshop and supplementary graphics assembled in Illustrator.

The catalog was revised annually to reflect updated product details.

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Education Kit Contents / Instructions – TFF

June 26 2009


Outside of the content list


Inside of the content list

This piece functions as a contents list and instructional guide for the foundation’s forest education kit, which provides tools to assist teachers in teaching sustainable forestry in the classroom. A copy of the content list was included with each education kit and described each item within the kit while also offering ideas of how to integrate it into curriculum.

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Temperate Forest Foundation Website

November 26 2004

I inherited the Website in 2001. One of my first projects involved implementing a redesign of the site and a restructuring of the site’s content into a more navigable structure. The redesign implemented web standards based HTML and CSS into the page templates. User interface elements included some javascript and (at the time Macromedia) Flash. The site’s framework also incorporated some Active Server Page technology.


Main layout format for TFF web pages

Temperate Forest Foundation Education Page Template

Alternate design differentiating the Forestry Education section of the TFF web site


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