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The Highly Extensible CSS Interface

April 2 2008

Something for me to read: The Highly Extensible CSS Interface. I’ve been meaning to spend more time learning additional web development technologies and this link seems along those lines.

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Finding ASP.Net Controls in Repeaters

March 26 2008

Note to myself about how to programmatically reference controls nested in a repeater (among other) web control, In Search Of ASP.Net Controls.

Specifically, I reference the “Finding Controls In Headers and Footers” section. There are descriptions of how to more generally use the FindControl method.

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Design Bookmarklet

February 8 2008

Useful looking bookmarklet that gives you access to a web page based grid and rulers, a point-to-point measurement tool, or crosshairs for gathering page coordinates: Allan Jardine | Design. Akin to the Web Developer’s Toolbar as far as usefulness for the web developer.


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Calculated Field in Adobe Acrobat Form

January 30 2008

This is a note to myself about the javascript syntax needed to calculate a textbox field on an order form I created. For this example, the price per item is based on the quantity entered via textbox (“text_1”), calculated according to a fixed table that I’ve hard coded. Setting the Event.value property displays the result in the specified textbox.

var qty = this.getField("text_1").value;
var price = 0;
if (qty > 750) {
     price = 275;
 } else if (qty >375) {
     price = 300;
 } else if (qty >175) {
     price = 325;
 } else if (qty >75) {
     price = 350;
 } else if (qty >25) {
     price = 375;
 } else if (qty >1) {
     price = 400;
 } else {
     price = 500;
Event.value = (qty*price);

This code should be added in the Acrobat form text field properties under the “Calculate” tab. Select “Custom Calculation Script”, press the “Edit” button, and add the javascript.


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Note to Self: Working with Client-Side Script

January 24 2008

Working with Client-Side Script

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