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Styling Reversed Type in InDesign

December 17 2007

Reversing type via styles in InDesign is something that has eluded me up until now – to great detriment since it was needed for the big book I just worked on. Today I stumbled across the answer in the Adobe Help Center (which should reinforce the RTFM attitude that I generally avoid). As it states under “To change the color and gradient of text”;

To create reverse type, you can change the text fill color to white or [Paper] and the frame’s fill color to a dark color. You can also create reverse type by using a paragraph rule behind text.

The way to do this in a paragraph style uses the latter part of the suggestion. It’s a bit of a hack but it does work – you apply a rule to the paragraph style, make the rule the appropriate height to cover the text, set the color to be the correct background color, shift/offset the rule it so that it is effectively overlapping the text, and change the text color to a contrasting color. For more detailed instructions look up “To add rules above or below paragraphs” in the Adobe Help Center for InDesign CS2.

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Unruly Bullets in InDesign CS2

December 7 2007

InDesign ScreencapOptical margin alignment makes bullets in a bullet list misalign

In the home stretch of a year-long book project at work, one of the editors pointed out that the bullets in some of the text’s bullet lists weren’t lining up.

This wasn’t a problem consistent for all bullets in the nested-bullet-list-heavy documents, just some of them. Looking at the problem items, One could surmise that it was related to the way InDesign adjusted the margin kerning to account for visual alignment issues – in order to make margins appear flush certain letters actually ride over the margin. Unfortunately, in InDesign, bullet characters are likewise affected by the automatic margin shift, resulting in the unruly bullet lists I was faced with. An interesting dilemma when learning a program. It’s much more poignant when trying to figure it out under an impending deadline. To help other’s avoid my frustration solving this dilemma – numerous searches on Google and on Adobe’s knowledgebase for “bullet list alignment” and the like failed to turn up pertinent references – that I present the rather simple if surreptitious solution found via this article, Bullet alignment in InDesign CS2 –

In InDesign, select the pertinent text box and go to the Type menu and select “Story”. This brings up the Story menu where you can uncheck the “Optical Margin Alignment” check box. See screen captures below to see the difference one obscure check box can make.

InDesign ScreencapOptical margin alignment makes bullets in a bullet list misalign

InDesign ScreencapTurning off optical margin alignment aligns unruly bullets

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